Science & Environmental Journalist

app2_dadaRehana Dada is a South African science and environmental journalist, presently attached to the Centre for Civil Society at the University of Kwazulu Natal. She has produced numerous television documentaries on a wide range of environmental, science and conservation topics, managed and produced a weekly environmental news page that demanded a broad current knowledge base and close links to conservation and environmental organisations, and developed a website for a weekly conservation programme on South African television to further the information life of the programme’s inserts and provide additional relevant information. She has written two popular booklets, and co-edited the recent book “Trouble in the Air”, dealing with global warming and Africa’s new Carbon Market. In 2003 she received a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but her education has been mainly informal through the research required for her films. Rehana is motivated to promote awareness in environmental issues and earth sciences and has a current focus on climate change and wetlands. Presently, she hosts a weekly radio program “New Horizons” that explores some of these issues.

Contact: DADA Rehana