AEON is interested in your views and participation, and is ready to act as an information hub on matters related to Earth Stewardship.

We need genuine cross-disciplinary discourse and collaboration, a new kind of linkage between growing scientific capacity and regional need. Many aspects of the future prosperity of individuals and nations in Africa will depend on the development of scientific and technical expertise to open up new economic opportunities for the continent’s war against poverty, and to fast track the emergence of Black Africans as leaders in their chosen field of scientific endeavour. This bold vision of AEON that assigns a core role for Africa in the Earth’s stewardship is deserving of support and should provide comfort to potential donors, investors and collaborators globally, of AEON’s intent. Please click here to read what some of our supporters have said about AEON.

If you identify with AEON’s visions and feel that you want to contribute to its needs and/or yours, please contact us.

Mailing Address

Faculty of Science
Nelson Mandela University
Port Elizabeth

Physical Address

Building 13-0270
Summerstrand Campus (South)
Port Elizabeth
Tel: +2741-504-2788
Map for finding us at Nelson Mandela University