Transdisciplinary contributions to quantifying natural and cultural heritage of southernmost Africa

Monitoring our commons in southern Africa demand greater quantification through transdisciplinary research across a wide range of thematic sciences: geology, GIS and statistics, geophysics, marine geophony, geochemistry, hydrocensus, pedology, citizen science, Khoisan research (!Nau-Omkhai ku Dara), zoology, botany, and agriculture. This report, published in Remote Sensing (688471), highlights the region’s unique cultural evolution and some of its highly diverse environments that we are currently mapping using drone technology, such as for example the first inhabited areas along the coast:

Watch Drone video of a Cave

A common goal is to quantify how humans, animals and vegetation have changed, disappeared and expanded during the Anthropocene (over the last few hundred thousand years), and to share this data widely to help creating Earth Stewards in local communities.

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